Mediterranean Diet Linked to Improved Cognitive Function in Diabetes

Mediterranean diet may improve cognitive function in diabetes.   Patients with type 2 diabetes who closely followed a Mediterranean diet, which is rich in: fish fruits healthy fats legumes whole grains vegetables experienced greater improvements in cognitive function, and word recognition than those with and without diabetes who ate other diets, including the DASH diet,Continue reading “Mediterranean Diet Linked to Improved Cognitive Function in Diabetes”

The Shocking Costs of Dining Out

Research from the USDA shows that people usually underestimate the number of calories they’re consuming when they eat outside of the home. Why? Outside foods typically have more: calories sodium sugar and saturated fat (fats found from dairy, meat, and coconut and palm oils) Restaurants don’t typically list their hidden calories and their menus mayContinue reading “The Shocking Costs of Dining Out”

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