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Help athletes and executives improve performance with results-driven expert accountability, innovation and experience.


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1:1 nutrition

Like your car after an oil change, you'll run a lot smoother.

  • Take “which diet should I…” off your to-do list. Save your hard-earned time & money by letting us do the research and planning for you. We paid a lot of money for the letters after our names, so that you wouldn’t have to “just Google it”. 
  • This mission-driven, results-oriented, award-winning registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist team provides personalized plans that you can put into play today. 
  • Need those lab results interpreted? Have no idea what you doctor meant at your last visit? We help with that too! “You need to lose weight!” or “You need to get your cholesterol down!” or “You need to get your blood sugar under control!” are all code for: work with a dietitian!




Are you constantly wondering what to eat? Were you told to go on a gluten free/dairy free/low carb/high protein/diabetics/pre-diabetic/keto/paleo/Mediterranean (fill in the blank) diet?

Studies show that those who plan their meals are twice as likely to meet their goals! Why?

Our brains get to free up energy when we have a written plan. Our meal plan service comes with grocery lists, budget planners, allergy-friendly plans and ALL the nutrition info.

Endless searching for the “right” meals to eat = OVER and OUT.

Confidence that your meals are expert dietitian nutritionist approved to help you meet your goals = COPY THAT. 

The reviews are in: Boston Marathon runners, CEOs, recreational athletes and professional athletes alike rate our meal plan service:


Webinars & Business Services

worksite wellness

Undeniable Return on Investment

  • Complete your Employee Retention Plan with Lunch & Learn topics like “Revolutionize Your Performance: Nutrition & Sleep Skills the Top Performers Use Today”
  • Biometric screenings for your company’s Wellness Week, ex: Body Composition, Blood Pressure. Healthy employees reduce rates of absenteeism and help you save money!
  • Meal plan/Menu creation with macro breakdown (carbohydrates, protein and fat), analysis and editing, customizable grocery shopping list included (individuals can also purchase this service)
  • Auditing for nutrition & food label legal requirements, HACCP documentation, dietary supplement labeling and advertising requirements for gummies, tinctures, tablets, pills and liquids
  • And more!
Client Successes
Not afraid of holiday weight gain for the first time ever

Thank you so much for helping me with my confidence in choosing meals and snacks! Those little tweaks you picked up on were things I never would have thought of without you! I can't believe I wasted all that time worrying about nothing! I'm not afraid of holiday weight gain for the first time ever!"

– Mary C, 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Pro-pack
Client Successes
Thanks for answering my questions so quickly! Back to surgery for the next 9 hours!

Marathon #89?

– Dr. David King, MD FACS, DABS 1:1 Nutrition
Client Successes
On top of the world

I never could have done it without you! This is us atop Matterhorn...

– Al D, Pro-pack of 1:1 Nutrition Coaching
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I’M nicole

Your #1 Resource for All Things Nutrition, Wellness & Performance

Allow me to help you problem-solve that goal you want to work on. This is a judgement-free zone. I’ve heard it all, and I guarantee it’ll get better as soon as you say it out loud. An investment in yourself is always worth it. 

3 Steps to Success

secret weapon process

Step 1:

Book a Consult

How else would you get started? We need to know your goals. What’s your story? Who do you want to be in a month, a year, a decade? Be prepared to answer questions. We’ll leave insurance and other third parties out of it. Just add your credit card info. Let’s keep this simple.

Step 2:

We'll Come up With a Plan Together

Makeup doesn’t make you prettier. It enhances your natural beauty. Your performance won’t get better without you. We’ll provide the award-winning insight and tools to help you take it up a notch. You may even notice a healthy glow. 

Step 3:

Implement, Repeat and Enhance

Consistency and reviewing progress are key to achieving any form of success. Clients that experience the best results continue to check-in. More often at first, with larger gaps over time. We’ll give you the info you need & you make the final decisions. 


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