What to Eat Before Running a Marathon

What to Eat Before Running a Marathon: Do’s and Don’ts!

Performance Nutrition Update

Last month, I spent some time at Division I Duke University in North Carolina learning the latest in college sports, pro sports, and military performance nutrition. Check out some behind-the-scene photos of Duke Football. You’ll notice a strength record with the name Paul Asack on it. He is an amazing athlete I used to runContinue reading “Performance Nutrition Update”

UMass Students and Zing Bars!

    Last week, the Nutrition students attending UMass Lowell kept their blood sugar steady trying tasty Zing Bars as I discussed with them the many pathways to becoming dietitian. This was my second time talking to the students at UML. Thank you for having me back Professor Keyes! These bright students will all goContinue reading “UMass Students and Zing Bars!”

8 Tools You Should Have in Your Kitchen

Image via The Wire Cutter Ever rent a house instead of staying in a hotel? Have more control over your meals by having access to a kitchen at all hours of the day and night. Cook with local ingredients, spare yourself endless mediocre meals at tourist traps, and spend more time relaxing, knowing that youContinue reading “8 Tools You Should Have in Your Kitchen”

Organic Complete Plant-Based Protein Shakes

Looking for a nutrient-packed protein drink that’s not full of ingredients you have no idea how to pronounce? Try #Orgain Organic Nutrition complete protein shakes. This shake is good for athletes, people who are too busy to sit down to eat, vegetarians, people who are trying to get more protein in their diet and anyoneContinue reading “Organic Complete Plant-Based Protein Shakes”

The Difference Between a “Nutritionist” and a “Dietitian” and How a Dietitian Can Help You

What can a Dietitian do for you? Help you: Lose weight Find peace with food Increase energy Decrease body fat Decrease stress & anxiety Improve performance Dietitians aka Nutritionists provide expertise and guidance for help with weight loss, muscle gain, improved sports performance, management of health conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, high cholesterol, obesity,Continue reading “The Difference Between a “Nutritionist” and a “Dietitian” and How a Dietitian Can Help You”

Let’s Talk About Food Festival

Join me and other talented food professionals this coming Saturday September 23rd at the Let’s Talk About Food Festival in Copley Square! What will you get at the festival? Free food, free knowledge, and tons of fun for the whole family! Time: 10:15-5PM See the event on Facebook.  Don’t forget to bring questions, an open mind,Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Food Festival”

Sustainable Swordfish Skewers

Sustainably Caught Cajun Swordfish Skewers! Watch us cook this recipe up on video at the 6th Annual Boston Seafood Festival HERE! From the Kitchens of: Laura Hartung, MA, RD, LDN & Nicole Chenard, MS, RD, LDN PREP TIME:       6 minutes     Total Time: 12-15 minutes     Servings: 6 Ingredients: 2 pounds of swordfish, cubed into equal chunksContinue reading “Sustainable Swordfish Skewers”

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