How to Keep Inflammation at Bay

Inflammation is meant to be a positive aspect of our body’s natural way of protecting itself. If something is wrong, for instance, when you fall and scrape your knee, inflammation shows up at the site of the injury, which causes pain and/or swelling, and that gets your attention. This is an example of a normalContinue reading “How to Keep Inflammation at Bay”

Cooking in Italy

It is important to me to make my own meals as often as possible and share them with loved ones. It makes a difference knowing where each ingredient comes from and home-made food always tastes better than store-bought food. On a trip to Italy this summer, I learned how to make gluten-free Pasta Pomodoro fromContinue reading “Cooking in Italy”

Harvard Study: Adding Seafood and Omega-3s Improved Diet Quality

Environmentalists and everyone working on their health can rejoice about this news published this month from the Seafood Nutrition Partnership. “We have great news to share for the seafood and health movement. Seafood continues to be recognize as a vital part of a healthy diet and a new study from Harvard shows that adding seafood andContinue reading “Harvard Study: Adding Seafood and Omega-3s Improved Diet Quality”

Pumpkin Protein Power Pancakes!

  Throwback to 2009! Shown above is me cooking Pumpkin Protein Power Pancakes with Laura Hartung, MA, RD for Gold’s Gym members to enjoy pre or post-workout as a nutrition-packed version of the beloved pancake. Why are these pancakes healthier than regular pancakes? More protein, more fiber, vitamin A, less sugar, and totally satisfying! IfContinue reading “Pumpkin Protein Power Pancakes!”

Grocery Shopping Tips

Watch out for flashy displays, the ends of the aisles, and sale items Come prepared with a list – you’ll be less likely to impulse buy Shop on a full stomach, or at least not when you’re very hungry (low blood sugar levels lower your inhibitions, like having a few alcoholic beverages, so you mayContinue reading “Grocery Shopping Tips”


TIPS TO FIT FITNESS INTO YOUR DAY! Do you find it challenging to find time to exercise? Many believe that exercise has to look like something from a celebrity workout video or last for 60 minutes in order for it to make a difference. The reality is that any time you move your body itContinue reading “TIPS TO FIT FITNESS INTO YOUR DAY!”

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