Hierarchy of Needs

Published on: June 2, 2022

✨ Where are you right now in the hierarchy of needs? ✨

My clients tell me a lot of the time that they “know what to do” …they “just have to do it!”

What this means to me is that they are ignoring a need that isn’t being met (that may not have anything to do with food or exercise).

For example, a client once told me that she finally realized the reason she wasn’t taking care of herself was because:

1️⃣ she was taking all of these extra shifts at work
2️⃣ so that she could pay for the expensive bags 💼 she liked to buy
3️⃣ which prevented her from going for daily walks because she got out of work after dark/didn’t have any energy by the end of the long work day
4️⃣ which also led her to eat out a lot because she didn’t have day time to go food shopping and prepare healthier meals
5️⃣ and after talking to me for several months and a therapist, she realized her issue was her 💰 spending habits and this was a totally 💯 solvable problem 🥂
6️⃣ and she paid off her last loan, decreased her shifts at work, started walking regularly (30-60 minutes/day) and making her own meals and lost 20 pounds in a matter of weeks! *Most importantly she’s SO MUCH HAPPIER 😍*

The hierarchy of needs is used to study how humans intrinsically partake in behavioral motivation.

Maslow used the terms:
#belonging and #love
#social needs or #esteem
and #transcendence
to describe the pattern through which human needs and motivations generally move.

In order for motivation to arise at the next stage, each prior stage must be satisfied by an individual. The hierarchy has been used to explain how effort and motivation are correlated in the context of human behavior.

Each of these individual levels contains a certain amount of internal sensation that must be #met in order for an individual to complete their hierarchy. The goal in #Maslow #hierarchy is to attain the level or stage of self-actualization. To see post on instagram, click here!

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