Published on: January 18, 2023

How Postpartum Doulas  Help New Moms with Healthy Meals

Written by and recipe provided by guest blogger Marisa Gaudet, certified Postpartum Doula, owner of Mother Nurture Postpartum LLC, recipe visual created by Nicole Chenard

Caregivers spend a LOT of time preparing for a new baby. We buy cribs, take birth classes, and think day and night about what labor might be like! But have you considered the time after baby is born- otherwise known as postpartum?

This time can be a huge transition for a new family, as you navigate the world of your new baby and your healing body. Those prenatal weekly appointments are now over, and parents often feel abandoned; having to fend for themselves in brand new territory.

As postpartum doulas, our job is to educate, support, and nurture caregivers as they focus on their baby. We “mother the mother” so that they can focus on healing their body, mind, & spirit from birth. We help with light housework, meal prep, tending to siblings, and infant care. We also help answer all those questions you may have since you left the hospital with your new bundle of joy. We want you to feel confident & empowered when you take care of your baby!

As a holistic postpartum doula, I love to include herbal & nutritional remedies into my care of my clients. Nutrition of new parents, particularly nursing parents, is so important to staying energized & helping the body heal itself. Nutrient dense, satisfying meals should be commonplace in the postpartum space, and I am here to make that happen for you!

Asking for help in our society is really hard. You deserve to be taken care of while you navigate your journey into parenthood. You are deserving of rest & nurturing! Allow a postpartum doula help you achieve that.

Quick, easy, and energy-boosting Mama Milk Overnight Oats recipe:

Marisa is based in Central Massachusetts and is currently offering postpartum doula services & educational classes to caregivers throughout Massachusetts and beyond!

Her goal is to provide comprehensive information and support- giving you the tools to have a beautiful, restful, & healthy postpartum journey. Specializing in holistic remedies, lactation education, & more!

To get in touch with Marisa, head over to her website for moms looking for help here!



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